Draught BEERS

Tennents (3.7%)  Roundstone Ale (4%)  Guinness (4.2%)  Clonmel 1650 (4.3%) Sullivans Ales (4%) Estrella (4.6%) Maggies Leap (4.7%)Menabrea (4.8%) Blackthorn Cider (4.7%), Outcider (4%)                 Guest Beers from Black Mountain Brewery also available.

Bottled Beers (330ml)

Budweiser, Heineken, Peroni, Tiger, Coors Light, Corona, Estrella, Asahi, Cobra, Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Erdinger Wheat (500ml), Harp (Pt) 

Non Alcoholic Beer

Becks (275ml), Erdinger NA (500ml)   Heineken Zero  (330ml)


Smirnoff Ice, Westcoast Cooler         


San Pellegrino (220ml) & (750ml)

Aqua Panna (220ml) & (750ml)     


Bottled Craft Beers

e.g. (5%) = ABV Alcohol by Volume

Some craft beers pour slightly cloudy due to the presence of yeast. This is quite normal for bottle-conditioned beers.


Northern Ireland

Whitewater Brewery(Kilkeel)

Belfast Lager 500ml (4.5%)  Continental style premier lager 

Belfast Ale 500ml (4.5%) Caramel red malt, fruity & herbal. Moderate bitterness

Clanconnel Brewing Company(Craigavon)  

McGrath’s No1 Red Ale 500ml (4.3%) Medium bodied ale, combining caramel sweetness with toasted biscuit notes balanced with earthy hops, finishing dry on the palate.

McGrath’s No 2 Irish Pale Ale 500ml (4.4%) Refreshing pale ale, biscuit notes with rich malts, grapefruit bitterness and a fusion of citrus and floral aromas, crisp, clean and dry.

Foxes Rock Brewery (Newry)

Irish Pale Ale 500ml (4.5%) Balanced bitterness & grapefruit flavours

Red Ale 500ml (4.5%) Supple biscuit and caramel; flavours

American Pale Ale 500ml (5.2%) Fruity hop flavour, citrus & tropical fruit aromas

Stout 500ml (4.5%) Smooth full-bodied. Belgian chocolate character


Farmageddon Brewing Co-op (Comber)

Golden Pale Ale 500ml (4.2%) Light bodied but punchy and full of hoppy aromas

Indian Pale Ale 500ml (5.5%) Golden, Spicy, floral hop aroma. Bitter with hints of citrus

California Common 500ml (4.00) Lager/Ale Hybrid


Hilden Brewery (Lisburn)

Belfast Blonde 500ml (4.3%)  A light crisp dry pale beer

Twisted Hop 500ml (4.7%) A strong pale ale. Hoppy and full of bitterness. 

Headless Dog 500ml (4.4%)  A pale hoppy ale American cascade hops and Munich malt 

Titanic Quarter 500ml  (4.2%) A medium bodied golden ale with moderate bitterness

Glens of Antrim Brewery

Rathlin Red 500ml (4.8%) Coppery red ale. Caramel tones. Long lasting finish

Lizzies Ale 500ml (4.6%) Irish blonde ale. Citra hops. Zesty character. Citrus palate

Hillstown Brewery (County Antrim)

Drunken Donkey 500ml (4.1 %) Roasted malt & subtle sweetness. Hop bitterness & aromas

Squealin Pig IPA 500ml (4.5%) Fruity, light hop flavour 

Republic of Ireland

Boyne Brewhouse (County Meath)  

Pagans Pillar 500ml (4.8%) A sparkling copper ale. Rich sweet caramel and toasty flavour

Born in a Day 500ml (4.8%) APA. Triple hopped with Australian, German & American hops

Long Arm 500ml (4.8%) Dortmund Export. Light straw colour balance & crisp


West Indies Porter 500ml (6%)  Based on an 1801 recipe it is mellow, rich bodied and complex with notes of toffee and hops

Dublin Porter 500ml (3.8%)  From a 1796 original recipe this porter is sweet and smooth with malt and dark caramel notes.

Hophouse 13 Lager 500ml (4.1%) Full hop flavour with hints of apricot & peach

Reel Deel Brewery (Mayo)  

Jack the Lad 500ml (4.5%)  Irish Pale Ale. Solid malt and hoppy flavours. Herbs and citrus

Trouble Brewing (Kildare) 

Deception 500ml (5.5%) Indian Pale Ale. Bright amber with lots of hop and barley flavour

Kill Lager 500ml (5%) Good old fashioned lager.

Smithwick (Kilkenny)

Smithwicks Pale Ale 500ml  (4.5%) Aromatic Amarillo hops, full bodied

Smithwicks Blonde 500ml (4.5%) Uncomplicated blond beer, smooth with fruity aromas


United Kingdom

Banana Bread  500ml  (5.2%)  Aroma of Banoffee

Trooper  500ml  (4.7%) (Iron Maiden) Deep golden ale.  Good malt flavour, citrus notes

Sharpes Doom Bar 500ml (4.3%) Multi award winning Cornish beer. A balance of spicy hops, sweet malt and delicate roast nuts with an assertive bitterness.

Sharpes Wolf Rock Red IPA 500ml (4.8%) Heavy on the hops, big flavour

Old Speckled Hen 500ml (5%) Malty ale with subtle notes of toffee & fruit

Bottled, Craft & Flavoured Cider

Northern Ireland    

Tempted (Down)   

Dry 500ml (5.7%) Bramley and dessert apple mix, lightly sweetened after fermentation

Summer Sweet 500ml (5%) A taste of summer. Winner Gold Medal 2013 National Irish Food Awards

Strawberry 500ml (4%) A blend of sweet cider, apple juice and strawberry wine

McIvors (Armagh) 

Medium Dry 500ml (5.6%) Fresh and bursting with fruit flavour from the local Armagh apples.

Traditional Dry 500ml (5.6%) Pressed from Armagh apples. Full bodied and complex. Silver Medal 2013 International Brewing Awards

Irish Cider Company (Armagh)

Maddens 500ml (4.5%) Refreshingly dry. Silver medal winner International Cider Challenge.

Carsons 500ml (4.5%) Slightly sweet. Gold and Bronze medal winner International Cider Challenge

Long Meadow (Down) 

Medium 500ml (4.5%) Award winning artisan cider. A traditional cider with are freshingly zingy finish.

Oak Aged Irish Craft 500ml (6%) Potent full flavoured with smokey oak tones

Blossom Burst 500ml (4.5%) Simple great apple flavour. Combination of early and late presses giving light, smooth finish

Republic of Ireland

Magners (County Tipperary)

Original Pint Bottle

Pear Pint Bottle (4.5%) Delicate refreshing fruit flavours

South Africa

Savannah (South Africa)

Savannah Dry 500ml (6%)  (Vegan friendly) Dry, Dry, Dry that’s it. Great apple flavour.

New Zealand

Old Mout (Moutere Valley)

Passion Fruit & Apple 500ml (4%) Pale gold in colour, rich sweet tropical taste balanced by a crisp apple finish

Kiwi & Lime 500ml (4%) Refreshing kiwi flavour cut with tangy lime

Summer Berries   500ml   (4%)  Summer. Surely you remember it.

United Kingdom

Brothers (Shepton Mallet)

Toffee Apple 500ml (4%) A delicious blend of cream soda and toffee (Gluten free)

Strawberry 500ml (4%) Bursting with strawberry sweetness. (Gluten free)

Thatchers (Somerset)

Old Rascal Dry 500ml (4.5%) A good old fashioned, honest Somerset cider

Katy (7.4%) 500ml Single apple, light, fragrant & slightly sparkling medium dry

Orchard Pig (Somerset) 

Orchard Pig 500ml (4.5%) Medium dry sparkling cider

Heineken UK

Blind Pig 355ml (5.5%) Whisky, honey & apple

Smirnoff UK

Smirnoff Passion fruit & Lime 500ml (4%) Vodka, Passion fruit & lime juice



Raspberry 500ml (4%) Bursting with tart raspberry flavours and subtle hints of mint

Strawberry & Lime 500ml (4%) Lush strawberries with a tangy squeeze of lime

Mixed Fruit 500ml (4%) Infused with sweet blackcurrants and tart raspberries

Reckorderling (Vimmerby)    

Mango & Raspberry 500ml (4%) Juicy raspberry flavours finished with a burst of tropical mango

Strawberry & Lime 500ml (4%) Taste of fresh strawberries with a twist of lime

Wildberry or Pear or Passionfruit 500ml (4%)  Bursting with fresh fruit flavours


Boston Beer Co (Ohio) A traditional cider boasting big apple taste. Dry, with agolden hue and refreshing clean apple finish.