Draught BEERS

Tennents (3.7%)  Roundstone Ale (4%)  Guinness (4.2%)  Clonmel 1650 (4.3%) Sullivans Ales (4%) Estrella (4.6%) Maggies Leap (4.7%)Menabrea (4.8%) Heverlee (4.8%) Blackthorn Cider (4.7%), Outcider (4%)                 Guest Beers from Black Mountain Brewery also available.

Bottled Beers (330ml)

Budweiser, Heineken, Peroni, Tiger, Coors Light, Corona, Tsingtao, Asahi, Carlsberg, Sam Adams, , Erdinger Wheat (500ml), Harp (Pt) 

Non Alcoholic Beer

Becks (275ml), Erdinger NA (500ml)   Heineken Zero  (330ml)


Smirnoff Ice, Westcoast Cooler         


San Pellegrino (220ml) & (750ml)

Aqua Panna (220ml) & (750ml)     


Bottled Craft Beers

e.g. (5%) = ABV Alcohol by Volume

Some craft beers pour slightly cloudy due to the presence of yeast. This is quite normal for bottle-conditioned beers.


Northern Ireland

Whitewater Brewery(Kilkeel)

Belfast Lager 500ml (4.5%)  Continental style premier lager 

Belfast Ale 500ml (4.5%) Caramel red malt, fruity & herbal. Moderate bitterness

Clanconnel Brewing Company(Craigavon)  

McGrath’s No4  Red Ale 330ml (4.3%) Medium bodied ale, combining caramel sweetness with toasted biscuit notes balanced with earthy hops, finishing dry on the palate.

McGrath’s No 2 Irish Pale Ale 500ml (4.4%) Refreshing pale ale, biscuit notes with rich malts, grapefruit bitterness and a fusion of citrus and floral aromas, crisp, clean and dry.

Foxes Rock Brewery (Newry)

Irish Pale Ale 500ml (4.5%) Balanced bitterness & grapefruit flavours

Red Ale 500ml (4.5%) Supple biscuit and caramel; flavours

American Pale Ale 500ml (5.2%) Fruity hop flavour, citrus & tropical fruit aromas

Stout 500ml (4.5%) Smooth full-bodied. Belgian chocolate character


Farmageddon Brewing Co-op (Comber)

Golden Pale Ale 500ml (4.2%) Light bodied but punchy and full of hoppy aromas

Indian Pale Ale 500ml (5.5%) Golden, Spicy, floral hop aroma. Bitter with hints of citrus

California Common 500ml (4.00) Lager/Ale Hybrid


Hilden Brewery (Lisburn)

Belfast Blonde 500ml (4.3%)  A light crisp dry pale beer

Twisted Hop 500ml (4.7%) A strong pale ale. Hoppy and full of bitterness. 

Headless Dog 500ml (4.4%)  A pale hoppy ale American cascade hops and Munich malt 

Titanic Quarter 500ml  (4.2%) A medium bodied golden ale with moderate bitterness

Glens of Antrim Brewery

Rathlin Red 500ml (4.8%) Coppery red ale. Caramel tones. Long lasting finish

Lizzies Ale 500ml (4.6%) Irish blonde ale. Citra hops. Zesty character. Citrus palate

Hillstown Brewery (County Antrim)

Drunken Donkey 500ml (4.1 %) Roasted malt & subtle sweetness. Hop bitterness & aromas

Squealin Pig IPA 500ml (4.5%) Fruity, light hop flavour 

Republic of Ireland

Boyne Brewhouse (County Meath)  

Boyne Lager 500ml (4.8%) Refreshing craft lager

Boyne Amber 500ml (4.8%) Triple hopped with Australian, German & American hops

Boyne Irish Pale 500ml (4.8%). Light straw colour, aromatic, zesty & crisp


West Indies Porter 500ml (6%)  Based on an 1801 recipe it is mellow, rich bodied and complex with notes of toffee and hops

Hophouse 13 Lager 500ml (4.1%) Full hop flavour with hints of apricot & peach

Reel Deel Brewery (Mayo)  

Jack the Lad 500ml (4.5%)  Irish Pale Ale. Solid malt and hoppy flavours. Herbs and citrus

Trouble Brewing (Kildare) 

Deception 500ml (5.5%) Indian Pale Ale. Bright amber with lots of hop and barley flavour

Kill Lager 500ml (5%) Good old fashioned lager.

Smithwick (Kilkenny)

Smithwicks Pale Ale 500ml  (4.5%) Aromatic Amarillo hops, full bodied

Smithwicks Blonde 500ml (4.5%) Uncomplicated blond beer, smooth with fruity aromas


United Kingdom

Banana Bread  500ml  (5.2%)  Aroma of Banoffee

Trooper  500ml  (4.7%) (Iron Maiden) Deep golden ale.  Good malt flavour, citrus notes

Sharpes Doom Bar 500ml (4.3%) Multi award winning Cornish beer. A balance of spicy hops, sweet malt and delicate roast nuts with an assertive bitterness.

Old Speckled Hen 500ml (5%) Malty ale with subtle notes of toffee & fruit

Bottled, Craft & Flavoured Cider

Northern Ireland    

Tempted (Down)   

Dry 500ml (5.7%) Bramley and dessert apple mix, lightly sweetened after fermentation

Summer Sweet 500ml (5%) A taste of summer. Winner Gold Medal 2013 National Irish Food Awards

Strawberry 500ml (4%) A blend of sweet cider, apple juice and strawberry wine

McIvors (Armagh) 

Medium Dry 500ml (5.6%) Fresh and bursting with fruit flavour from the local Armagh apples.

Traditional Dry 500ml (5.6%) Pressed from Armagh apples. Full bodied and complex. Silver Medal 2013 International Brewing Awards

Irish Cider Company (Armagh)

Maddens 500ml (4.5%) Refreshingly dry. Silver medal winner International Cider Challenge.

Carsons 500ml (4.5%) Slightly sweet. Gold and Bronze medal winner International Cider Challenge

Long Meadow (Down) 

Medium 500ml (4.5%) Award winning artisan cider. A traditional cider with are freshingly zingy finish.

Oak Aged Irish Craft 500ml (6%) Potent full flavoured with smokey oak tones

Blossom Burst 500ml (4.5%) Simple great apple flavour. Combination of early and late presses giving light, smooth finish

Republic of Ireland

Magners (County Tipperary)

Original Pint Bottle  (4.5%)

Pear Pint Bottle (4.5%) Delicate refreshing fruit flavours

South Africa

Savannah (South Africa)

Savannah Dry 500ml (6%)  (Vegan friendly) Dry, Dry, Dry that’s it. Great apple flavour.

New Zealand

Old Mout (Moutere Valley)

Passion Fruit & Apple 500ml (4%) Pale gold in colour, rich sweet tropical taste balanced by a crisp apple finish

Kiwi & Lime 500ml (4%) Refreshing kiwi flavour cut with tangy lime

Summer Berries   500ml   (4%)  Summer. Surely you remember it.

United Kingdom

Brothers (Shepton Mallet)

Toffee Apple 500ml (4%) A delicious blend of cream soda and toffee (Gluten free)

Strawberry 500ml (4%) Bursting with strawberry sweetness. (Gluten free)

Thatchers (Somerset)

Old Rascal Dry 500ml (4.5%) A good old fashioned, honest Somerset cider

Katy (7.4%) 500ml Single apple, light, fragrant & slightly sparkling medium dry

Orchard Pig (Somerset) 

Orchard Pig 500ml (4.5%) Medium dry sparkling cider

Heineken UK

Blind Pig 355ml (5.5%) Whisky, honey & apple

Smirnoff UK

Smirnoff Passion fruit & Lime 500ml (4%) Vodka, Passion fruit & lime juice



Raspberry 500ml (4%) Bursting with tart raspberry flavours and subtle hints of mint

Strawberry & Lime 500ml (4%) Lush strawberries with a tangy squeeze of lime

Mixed Fruit 500ml (4%) Infused with sweet blackcurrants and tart raspberries

Reckorderling (Vimmerby)    

Mango & Raspberry 500ml (4%) Juicy raspberry flavours finished with a burst of tropical mango

Strawberry & Lime 500ml (4%) Taste of fresh strawberries with a twist of lime

Wildberry or Pear or Passionfruit 500ml (4%)  Bursting with fresh fruit flavours


Boston Beer Co (Ohio) A traditional cider boasting big apple taste. Dry, with agolden hue and refreshing clean apple finish.