Black Mountain Brewery at The Speckled Hen      

The Speckled Hen Pub being in excess of 350 years old would have had its own brewery in earlier days. The vast majority of beer being brewed on site. During December 2015 we built and opened our own nano brewery giving us a brewing capacity of around 300 pints per day. Our first trial beers were brewed during January and February 2016. Our agenda is to produce old fashioned, strong, robust beers and ales based on traditional recipes with our own unique twist. Beers trailed included a Black Lager, Strawberry Beer and a Cream Ale. The first beer supplied and sold in the Pub was on 1st July 2016. It was Friday the 13th Ale (abv 6.7%). This was followed that same month by Born on the 12th of July an Orange Ale. Also Black Magic Ale (abv 5.77%), The Devils Daughter, a Strawberry Beer (abv 6.82%) an Irish Whiskey Ale (abv 6.8%) and Currant Affair (abv 4%) a blackcurrant lager. More recent beers have included “Mad Mix” (Beyond Brewers Droop), The Devils Half Sister and a Dark Rum Ale. Also Aunty Brexit, I’m Hoppin Mad, Emma’s Lager, Milltown Missile and Holly Well Stout. A new beer is available on draught roughly each week only at The Speckled Hen. There are plans to do limited run presentation bottles for Christmas 2017.

Martin Caldwell (Brewer)